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(Graphic by Quinn Kearns)

Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”

Quinn Kearns, Social Media Editor November 10, 2022

Taylor Swift is arguably one of the most influential women of the decade. Not only does she write her own music, but she tells a story through it as well. “Midnights” is an album that tells a story...

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(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

The Drama Behind Dahmer

Breaking down the resurgence of serial killers in the media
Eva Yancheson, Reporter November 10, 2022

From 1960 to 1994, American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer took the lives of 17 men and boys. Dahmer’s crimes run deeper than the murders themselves; they sliced open messily done stitches, exposing ...

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(Graphic by Sophie Sun)

Faceless Celebrities

The internet’s unattainable beauty standards
Sophie Sun, Reporter November 10, 2022

“Why does he look like a bunch of Shrek villains combined into one person?”  An angsty teenager is hunched over their phone, viciously typing out yet another Tweet to contribute to the vast array...

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(Photo by Aaron Propst)

Underclassmen Should Be Given A Chance at Off-Campus Lunch Passes

Aaron Propst, Reporter October 7, 2022

This year, the campus supervisors have begun to more stricltly enforce rules that state that freshman, sophomores, and juniors cannot leave campus during lunchtime.  However, rules for leaving campus...

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To Snooze or Not to Snooze?

How the new state-wide schedule change has improved students’ mental health
Aidan Shen, Reporter October 7, 2022

As the 2022-23 school year kicks off, Palos Verdes High School implemented a new bell schedule in response to the state law introduced to give students extra sleep before class.  The previous bell...

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(Graphic by Kelly Donahue)

Students Give Their Opinion on Popular Scary Movies

Kelly Donahue, Features Editor October 7, 2022

A Quiet Place “I think any John Krasinski movie is really well made and I love Emily Blunt. I think it’s different from your normal scary movie because you really have to pay attention and it really...

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A Letter From the Editors

District’s Decision to Change Elementary School Music Program Closes the Door to Artistic Exploration
Lucia Ruiz and Amber Chen, Editors-in-Chief October 7, 2022

You may forget the name of an 18th century composer, but you will never forget the joy of playing Hot Cross Buns on your fourth grade instrument of choice.  The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School...

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(Graphic by Quinn Kearns)

Temperature Makes a Difference

Students suffer from lack of AC in classrooms
Quinn Kearns, Social Media Editor October 7, 2022

Along with the increasing temperatures in California, our students’ tolerance to this harsh weather is decreasing.  Returning to school after a long summer under intense UV rays is hard, especially...

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Time to Fix PV High’s Parking Problem
Eva Mayrose, Opinion Editor October 7, 2022

“Late again, I see,” your first period teacher says as you walk into the room after a grueling battle for a parking space.    “I know, I know, but you should really see the never-ending...

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Stifling Children’s Freedom

Parents Should Give Their Children More Freedom to Develop Interests and Personal Viewpoints
Sophie Stoddart, Reporter April 7, 2022

All parents want their children to be successful and prosperous. Parents have the obligation to help guide their children through life, and instill in them the lessons and wisdom they have acquired during...

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Survival Skills

Practical Skills Every High Schooler Should Learn
Amber Chen, Opinion Editor April 7, 2022

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A Letter From the Editors

Alycen Kim and Aidan Sun, Editors-in-Chief April 7, 2022

On the elementary school playground, we were told to “play fair.” Whether it was four square or dodgeball, we were all expected to follow the rules of the game, in order to create a fun and equal lunchtime...

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