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A Letter from the Editors

(From awkward classes to silent Breakout Rooms, it’s time to put conscious effort into socializing.)
Sarah Liu, Claire Hardesty, Editor-in-Chief October 29, 2020

Although many classic annual expectations for PV High students seem to have disappeared right in front of our eyes, one high school tradition has transcended time and location: feeling awkward.  Beyond...

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Viruses and Venues

Why stadiums should allow fans back at games
Ethan King, Reporter October 29, 2020

With the NFL season well underway, some teams are beginning to allow fans into their stadiums at a lower capacity. The NFL has been one of the first leagues to allow fans, and many are wondering if this...

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Ending the Film vs. Book Debate

Mia Harley, Reporter October 29, 2020

There are countless movies today that are film adaptations of books, and people need to stop comparing the two.  In the 2020 Academy Awards, four out of the nine films nominated for Best Picture were...

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Where’s the LGBT on TV?

Kaylie Harley, Opinion Editor October 29, 2020

As a child, I always looked up to characters in television shows that I could relate to. Since most children in America grow up watching programs and idolizing characters, it would make sense for the shows...

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The Calm Within The Chaos of Coronavirus

Coronavirus leads individuals to hit pause on society’s fast paced lifestyle, bringing a lifestyle which may benefit humanity.
Aurora Khatibi Garrity, Reporter May 7, 2020

On March 12 in the evening hour of 8 o’clock, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District fired the call heard ‘round the world, igniting shouts of happiness from students of Palos Verdes High...

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Click to Ship: Its harmful effects on the environment

Aurora Khatibi Garrity, Reporter February 26, 2020

It was the summer of 2017, and I had just made my first purchase: a bag of forty scrunchies for seven dollars on the world’s largest online store, Amazon. I selected the Amazon Prime option for a twenty-four...

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Sony’s Spiderman and Marvel Must Stay Married

Turner Helton, Reporter October 23, 2019

Everyone’s favorite webslinger, Spider-Man is coming back to future Marvel films because of the recent contract agreement between Sony and Marvel Studios. I am ecstatic about this announcement because...

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A PVHS Halloween: Striking a Balance Between Trick and Treat

Kyle Ahn, News Editor October 23, 2019

Let’s just say this: PVHS’ legacy with Halloween is one full of chaos, controversy, or fun - it all depends on who you ask. The senior class, year after year, comes up with an intricate plan to...

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Teen Drama or Teen Trauma?

Kaylie Harley, Reporter October 23, 2019

Are There Issues Associated With Shows Being Overly Graphic? Suicide, drug abuse, violence, sexual imagery: these are just a few controversial topics that have begun to appear more frequently in our media...

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The College Board Is a Money Grabber

Ethan King, Reporter October 23, 2019

If you want to get into a good college, apparently you need to cooperate with money-hungry sharks. By money-hungry sharks, I mean the College Board. This year, the College Board has decided to push...

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A Letter From the Editors

October 23, 2019

Ethical Consumerism: put your money where your mouth is. With rising exposure of ethically questionable companies comes rising conflict between serving one’s personal gains and abiding by one’s own...

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Disney Needs to Re-think Their Re-makes

Alycen Kim, Reporter October 23, 2019

When we think of Disney, we think of those bright, animated movies from our childhoods. Younger people may reference new Disney animations, from original princess movies like Frozen and Moana to fantasy...

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