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An Apocalypse is Approaching?

Kaylie Harley, Opinion Editor December 11, 2020

There has never been a year truly fit to claim the title of “Worst Year of the 21st Century” as 2020 does. If the forest fires in Australia, or the deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter weren’t...

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Let’s Crack the Zoom Dress Code

Natalie Tholan, Reporter December 11, 2020

As quarantine nears its tenth month, it’s understandable that students’ general laziness when it comes to Zoom classes has gradually increased. However, I recently witnessed a new low in one of my...

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Hybrid Hysteria

The risks of returning to school are just too high to ignore.
Mia Harley, Reporter December 11, 2020

Do you remember the last time you were in a classroom? March 12 seems like so long ago. Now, as of December 9, over 286,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, with over 20,000 being from California. Our...

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Don’t Touch my Lunch!

“Asian-inspired” trends perpetuate lunchbox bullying.
Kaylie Harley, Opinion Editor November 18, 2020

“Ew, what are you eating?” When growing up in the USA, many Asian Americans face this ignorant question. Whether you’re Thai, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, or any other ethnicity from...

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People’s Pronouns are Important

Frances Stott, Reporter November 18, 2020

While it might not seem like such a big deal, misgendering someone can leave a negative impact on a person’s life.  If a teacher constantly misgenders a student by calling them the wrong pronoun, it...

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A Letter from the Editors

Joe Biden wants to usher in an era of American unity. Before that can begin, we need to understand how we got here.
Sarah Liu and Claire Hardesty November 18, 2020

Other than apple pie, the only thing as deeply American is the guaranteed political discourse at Thanksgiving dinner. And, while election night is behind us, the scars of a divisive four years still remain.  Politics...

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Limits vs. Life-Terms

Curtis Liu, Online Editor November 18, 2020

With the recent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court Justice to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a controversial debate between citizens of the United States has reaggravated: should...

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Can’t Take That Short Semester Stress

Mia Harley, Reporter November 18, 2020

 For the first time in PVUSD history, the school board has voted to end the semester before winter break this year. Theoretically, this will give students a break from school work, but there is a noticeable...

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Black Friday Frenzy- Pandemic Edition

CJ Haddad, Reporter November 18, 2020

Hordes of people already stood outside the doors of the Walmart at 6:00 a.m. Not even a deadly virus, rampaging through the air and attacking loved ones, could deter Americans from that flat screen TV...

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The Electoral College: Should it be preserved or should we let the people pick?

John Kim, Aidan Sun, Reporter, News Editor October 29, 2020

Keep it  Once again, with the upcoming presidential election, there is a debate on the legitimacy of the Electoral College system. The movement to abolish the Electoral College in the name of democracy...

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Discussion Without Depiction: How J.K. Rowling got “Harry Potter” Wrong

Alycen Kim, Centerspread Editor October 29, 2020

Divination, dementors, dragons, and discrimination?  “Harry Potter” and its creator have recently come under the public scrutiny for discrimination against queer people and minority groups.  The...

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The Flaws and Benefits of Hybrid Instruction

Curtis Liu, Online Editor October 29, 2020

In these trying times, many important daily routines are interrupted. Where can we go to eat? What entertainment areas are open?  These are just two of many questions asked in today’s society, but...

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