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Lies and Fake Crimes Lead to More Problems

Ivan Barron, Writer April 7, 2019

The current state of political division that America is experiencing marks one of the more controversial periods of time within our country’s recent history. Among the “hot topics” of these political...

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A Letter from the Editors: A Need for Higher Education Reformation

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo, Editors-In-Chief April 7, 2019

In light of the recent college scandal involving wealthy parents paying large sums for their children’s admission into “elite” schools, educators, parents, and high schoolers are left with wavering...

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The Need to Break Taboo on Periods

Chloe Lendi, Writer April 7, 2019

In spite of all social advancements that have contributed to the better treatment of women today, there still remains a stigma that goes unnoticed because it has been engraved into our society: periods....

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The Fictitious Phone Policy Phobia

Nikolas Tempereau, Opinion Editor April 7, 2019

No more phones in PVPUSD schools. Recently, the PVPUSD school board has come to the conclusion that phones are negatively affecting students at school, so a new policy that phones are not allowed to be...

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Playstation Reigns as the Superior Console

John Kim, Writer April 7, 2019

Console users have long debated which company makes the best console. A few years ago, people’s opinions were split between Xbox and Playstation (PS); however, with the introduction of Nintendo’s Switch,...

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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Ethan King, Writer February 21, 2019

People should not have been so quick to judge the Covington Catholic High School boys without hearing the full story.   On January 18, a video surfaced showing students from Covington Catholic...

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The War on Cable

Nikolas Tempereau, Opinion Editor February 21, 2019

Cable is dying. By cable, I mean the large television providers; most notably DirecTV, Cox, Dish are losing subscribers in the thousands. This is directly due to new competition as new streaming services...

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Relationships are Overrated

Alexa Stevens, Online Editor February 21, 2019

Dear People in a Relationship on Valentine’s Day, Roses are red Violets are blue Valentine’s Day is overrated Single people matter, too. As soon as Christmas is over, the Valentine’s...

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A Letter from the Editors

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo February 21, 2019

It’s inevitable for social norms and cultural values to constantly change with the diversifying world population, as illustrated through the growing “generation gap” between newer and older generations....

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The Shutdown that Should Have Been Shut Down

Kyle Ahn, Writer February 21, 2019

Arrogance, incompetence, and pure childishness - all the right words to describe the worst 35-day event in President Donald Trump’s political career. A campaign promise that was twisted and skewed...

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The Unfair Working Conditions for Today’s Educators

John Kim, Writer February 21, 2019

In January, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) teachers’ union went on a massive strike to demand higher pay and better school funding. The strike was part of a nationwide movement, and...

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District Should Offer More Student Drills for Active Shooters

Ryan Olarte, Writer December 21, 2018

Throughout the last year, the district and school administration worked on preparing our school for a very serious and relevant scenario, a school shooter. Though the district made it clear how far the...

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