Therapy Dogs Would Help Students De-Stress During Finals Week

Meeka Rahimi, Reporter

I believe that therapy dogs on campus would be a good idea for this school. Especially during finals week, when students have a lot of stress, it can be helpful to have a furry, comforting friend to confide in. 

With all the stress of school work and testing, having a couple minutes to relax and create a bond with a dog will really uplift the mood of many.

Many studies have shown that interactions with service or therapy dogs creates a stress relieving environment. Treatment canines do not just positively affect enthusiastic prosperities, but also positively impact mental turn of events. 

Therefore, associating with these dogs can further relieve stress and help with learning and focusing during study sessions and tests themselves. 

Additionally, therapy animals contribute to emotional well-being, which is especially important during finals week.

Some might argue that having service dogs on campus can be harmful to students who are allergic to them. This creates a problem when the dogs go in and out of classrooms. But, trainers bathe and groom therapy dogs before visiting school, so they are clean and will shed less on campus. We can put the emotional support dogs in a separate room such as the wellness center or an empty classroom so students can visit the dogs instead of dogs visiting the students. In this case, being around service dogs can be a choice for students.