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Why My Vote Matters

Nikolas Tempereau, Opinion Editor December 3, 2018

In a rapidly evolving world and country, governments are playing a larger and larger role in the development of the future. Government is to regulate technology, as it advances and populations rise; the...

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The Impact of National Honors Societies

Lauren Jai, Features Editor December 3, 2018

With countless honor societies at PV High, most students are involved in at least one. Given that many students join these specialized honor societies, one has to wonder what the purpose of these are and...

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A Letter From the Editors: The Need for Health Class in High School

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo December 3, 2018

While AP and honors courses are the priorities of a many students’ schedules, there is one class often left neglected and forgotten: health. Ignored, or not seen as an important subject, health class...

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Affirmative Action Needs to Be Looked at Closely

Noah Whang, Sports Editor December 3, 2018

Affirmative action was introduced in 1961 to balance the opportunities that rising American citizens had. During such a time of turmoil in America’s Civil Rights Movement, the law passed seemed logical...

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Insta Scam

Sara Liu, Writer October 22, 2018

Instagram has captured the attention of over a billion monthly users, not only feeding personal images but also creating a viable platform for mass advertising.   Their existence has created a problem...

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The Swamp Drowning in its Own Mess

Kyle Ahn, Writer October 22, 2018

We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event on Earth. The global climate has been drastically changed due to human-induced carbon emissions. The average temperature of the planet is continuously...

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Easy Ethical Consumerism

Noah Whang, Sports Editor October 22, 2018

In our modern society, access to resources such as food and utilities have become much easier to attain. It’s commonplace for people to gravitate towards products that are the cheapest, but a new...

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A Letter From the Editors

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo October 22, 2018

The controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing make one thing clear: even the smallest incident can leave a mark. Whether we like it or not, our performance in high school can have...

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The Unseen Costs of Applying to College

Ivan Barron, Writer October 22, 2018

People usually think of dorms, tuition, and meal plans as the only costs that are associated with going through (or surviving) four years at a decent college or university. A major problem that is...

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Tides Turn in the Trade War

Nikolas Tempereau, Opinion Editor October 22, 2018

The last trade war was fought over bananas ending in 2009. But recently, a new trade war has emerged between the world’s two largest economies: the United States and China. Both sides have placed...

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Students Should Be Allowed Their Phones in Classrooms

John Kim, Writer October 22, 2018

Cell phones have undoubtedly been incorporated into our daily lives as an essential device. Recently however, there has been a movement to undo this trend: the French government has instituted a ban...

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Water: Can You Taste the Difference?

Ryan Olarte, Writer September 21, 2018

Many people are particular in what water they choose to will drink and what they will refuse to drink. The price of water is generally determined by the quality and taste of the bottle. Voss is one of...

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