Digital Classroom Benefits In-Person School


(Graphic by Aidan Sun)

Many schools over the past couple of years have drifted away from using physical agendas, assignments and some tests. 

Google Classroom is one platform that has aided teachers and students through online learning and even is useful for in-person learning.

Our school district in particular has adopted both Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom, meaning that they must pay for both platforms. 

District officials have discussed shifting to using only one platform.

After using Microsoft Teams in middle school and switching to Google Classroom for high school, I can say that Google Classroom has made much more of a positive impact on my overall organization of my school work. 

Teams was originally made for efficient office communication, whereas Google Classroom was made specifically for the classroom environment.

Google Classroom contains many different tools that students can use to stay organized and on 

 top of their work. For example, its calendar and agenda features both help students plan their weeks paperless. 

Receiving notifications from Google Classroom to remind students about assignments and due dates is another touch that makes it easier to stay on top of homework. 

Google Classroom also gives students and teachers easy ways to communicate with one another via private comments. 

Additionally, teachers often use Google Classroom’s meeting feature for extra office hours to make it easily accessible for all students who need help.  

Some might argue that Google Classroom is lacking in multiple aspects, such as communication across other platforms. 

Google Classroom only allows access to Google features, which is inconvenient if you prefer other platforms for writing essays and preparing slideshow presentations.  

It is true that Google Classroom definitely has areas in which it needs to improve, but Google is constantly working on improving its overall functionality and system. 

Though it is still a fairly new software, Google Classroom will definitely continue to grow to better accommodate the learning needs of students.