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Activist or Actor: Should Celebrities Speak Out?

Why Talk When You Have Nothing To Say?
(Graphic by Aidan Shen)

The war raging between Israel and Hamas has sparked intense conversation and split Americans over what should and shouldn’t be said. Prominent celebrities have a huge influence on the public due to their large fanbases  and recently speaking out about their differing opinions have led to some unexpected controversies. 

Celebrities have a consistent track record of pursuing a secondary life parallel to their own in social activism. 

Many are motivated to speak out due to their true passion toward equality and human rights, and others do it to push their own career or agenda.

It may be important for people with large platforms to use them for change, but forcing them to fabricate ingenuine opinions on topics that they are not informed about can be more harmful than staying silent. 

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Kylie Jenner lost almost 1 million followers on Instagram as backlash towards a post regarding the war. 

Her post supporting Israel, although released with a heartfelt intention, received hate because of her percieved insensitivity towards the people of Palestine.

There are exceptions of course, involving celebrities who deeply resonate with a cause. 

Jenner’s close friend Bella Hadid was criticized for one of her posts on Instagram as well. She split her followers, with some showing massive support while others accused her of not taking a clear stand on the issue as Hadid has previously towards one side or another as shown massive support towards Palestine in the past as a Palestinian-American. 

Her statement was meant to express sympathy towards both Israelis and Palestinians, telling her audience to “put pressure” on their leaders to address the immorality of the war on both sides.

Every individual, whether they’re a famous figure or not, is entitled to their own opinion on controversial topics such as the recent and ongoing conflict on the Gaza Strip. Many celebrities, not just Jenner and Hadid, are receiving hate online which, deserved or not, targets those who disclose publicly, support towards a cause when it’s clearly due to the societal expectation.

It goes for everyone when saying that they need to inform themselves before engaging in controversial topics that could offend or even cause harm to others.

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