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The Comeback of Rom-Coms: Are They Actually Overrated?

(Graphic by Holly Alexander)
Cynthia Mindicino
(Graphic by Holly Alexander)

Romantic comedies the past 10 years haven’t been the same as the older 2000’s one once produced. 

When a new romcom comes out these days they are never as good as the old ones used to be. 

Netflix has come out with quite a few romcoms over the years and although they were good, they just can never be to the level of the ones that Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Katherine Heigl, Jenneifer Lopez and many others starred in. 

The overall feel of the movie is completely lost in newer romcoms. Newer ones are a lot more cringe poorly made and have worse acting. 

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Some of my favorite romcoms ever made are “He’s just not that into you”, “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and “The Proposal.” The list really goes on. 

With a new romcom just out named “Anyone But You”, starring Sydney Sweeny and Glen Powell, people are saying it is the best romcom made in years, maybe even topping some made in the 2000’s. 

After watching “Anyone But You,” I can confirm it is the best romcom made in the last 10 years. 

“Anyone But You” was about two people who met at a coffee shop and had an amazing first date but never saw each other again until a wedding they’d both be attending. 

They hated each other going into it, but pretended to be in love because one wanted to make their ex jealous and the other wanted their ex to back off from her. 

While faking being in love they begin falling in love throughout the course of the film.

This movie was of course predictable, but perfectly heartwarming and fun to watch.  

It was definitely refreshing to watch after all the romcoms that haven’t been the greatest lately. 

The casting was perfect and I think Sydney Sweeny could be an up and coming romcom star for more movies to come. 

All romcoms aim to create a delightful and emotionally satisfying experience for the audience. 

This is done by artisticly blending romance and comedy in a way that resonates with human emotions and relationships, and thats what I love that about them. I feel a sense of of warmth and affection as I witness the characters falling in love. 

Even when faced with challenges, the films usually maintain a positive outlook, emphasizing the idea that love can conquer obstacles and lead to a fulfilling, happy ending.

I don’t think any new movie will ever top ones previously made. Here are my top 10 romcoms I think you should watch. 

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