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Circle of Safety or Invasion of Privacy?

Life 360 Got it Right
(Graphic by Ruby Mayrose)

All teenagers want is privacy, but is that what they really need? Although privacy is important, so is safety. When parents use Life360 as a tool rather than a weapon, it becomes something important when ensuring that their children are safe. 

Instead of the constant “Where are you?” and “What are you doing?” texts, parents can resort to using a location tracking app, like Life360, to ensure their child’s safety. 

With an abundance of features, Life360 provides its user with functions helpful for ensuring safe driving with its speed tracking system. Also, in the case of a car accident, the technology is able to detect the crash and contact help. Life360 also offers a feature in which the user is able to immediately send out an SOS signal that shares the exact location of the user to authorities. 

Imagine you are in a car accident, your car breaks down, or you need to find a family member or friend; Life360 covers all of these areas of concern with its advanced technology and instant communication tactics. 

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Part of giving a child freedom is having the proper tools to keep them safe. With new drivers, it is important for parents to monitor safe driving habits when they are not sitting in the passenger seat. Life360 offers a variety of features to make every drive a safe one. They provide users with driving summaries that include top speed, high speed, rapid acceleration, phone usage, and hard braking.

Although Life360 was designed to ensure safety, it is commonly misused as a way for parents to helicopter over their children. When used properly, location tracking is an advanced way for parents to let their children loose while still being able to know where they are and if they are being safe. With its varying features, Life360 provides children with tools to stay protected without parent supervision.

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