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Magic In A Cup:

A Stanley Sensation Satire

The Stanley cup is the best one you’ll ever buy. These cups have been a figure of worship to their consumers, who really love the stunning design  and functionality. 

There was even a viral video of one surviving a car fire. After all, there’s simply nothing to not love about it; it’s incredibly durable, shares a name with the NHL trophy, and is a great bang for your buck. 

Fans, though, are ready to pay any price for these cyber-truck quality cups, with one going on Mercari for $700. Customers have been camping outside of Targets waiting for the next stock of Stanley cups, taking them off the shelves in hours. 

All the craze makes those who aren’t in the loop ask why. Why do these people love these cups so much? It’s because of consumer bias. 

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Stanley cups’ first big break stemmed from the Tik-Tok video posted by a user by the name of Danielle. The video described her car that had gone up in flames but the oh-so-mighty Stanley cup survived unscathed, with even her drink untouched! 

After seeing this incredible feat of keeping her Stanley cup safe and sound, the people at Stanley headquarters unanimously agreed upon gifting her a brand new car. This and the fact that the Stanley cup had survived a fire influenced consumers on Tik Tok and the rest of the internet to hop on the trend. 

Naturally this sparked a new trend of people collecting Stanley cups and showing them off to the world… how special they truly were. 

The executives at Stanley headquarters, seeing the momentum as their sales skyrocket, decided to release a new limited-edition mug at Target! 

Influencers and audiences alike saw this and rushed to their nearest Target to grab the astounding Stanley cups. 

People now are resorting to stealing Stanley cups because they’re becoming so popular nowadays. 

I mean who could blame them, the Stanley cups are truly extraordinary.

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