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Activist or Actor: Should Celebrities Speak Out?

The Silent Struggle: Why Celebrities Must Use Their Voice

In a world where socioeconomic status and influence equate to power, celebrities stand at the top with the unique ability to foster a positive change. 

These individuals have fan bases that stretch across the globe and possess an unparalleled ability to draw attention to pressing social issues. 

Social problems are constantly arising, and there is an evident need for celebrities to speak out against these issues. While neutrality or silence may seem like a safe choice, these celebrities’ silence reinforces the world’s social problems. 

By abstaining from addressing the issues, celebrities risk normalizing societal issues, allowing them to continue plaguing our society. 

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In today’s digital age, it’s never been easier to spread the word. 

Using their millions of followers on several platforms, celebrities can instantly shed light to issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Simply making their audience aware of these issues is a huge step to fixing that problem. The ripple effect from one celebrity advocate has the potential to inspire others to enact change. The collective influence from the domino effect can bring about long lasting positive changes throughout the world. 

One example is actor Kevin Hart. Through the social platform Twitter, Hart constantly speaks out against racist remarks or comments made by others. This often results in people rallying around Hart, further commenting their agreement in standing up to the issue.  

Especially in today’s dynamic landscape, many people may feel disoriented or confused by conflicting ideologies they encounter on the web. 

It is here where celebrities should step in as role models and correctly set the narrative. 

By acting as reliable and trustworthy models, celebrities can educate their fans about societal issues which will bring positive change to the world. 

Celebrities must recognize the responsibility that comes with their influence. 

By actively recognizing societal issues and spreading the word instead of remaining silent, celebrities have the opportunity to be the catalysts that propel our society forward. 

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