Apple’s New Look : IOS 10

Every September, Apple comes out with something new and exciting that changes the way people think about technology. New programs, designs, and features are added to the iPhone that causes people to scramble to Best Buy to purchase this hot commodity. This year, the iPhone 7 came out, and with it came the iOS10 phone update.

Some new features in the iOS 10 update include individual read receipts, GIF apps, slam messages, digital touch, and a new look to the lock screen. The individual read receipts allow people to select who can see whether or not the text they sent has been read. While, previously, read receipts had been either on or off for everyone, they are now available in a more direct way. Unlike individual read receipts, GIF apps are completely new to the iPhone. These apps allow people to send short videos with no sound via iMessage. It is designed to be a fun feature.

Slam messages are also new to the world of technology. This feature allows for messages to be sent big, small, secretly, with confetti, with balloons, or with fireworks. When a person opens a slam message, they will see fun additives included with the original message. Digital touch is also a new form of messaging, that allows for a person to send a drawn text message.

Arguably the most altered feature in the iOS10 is the new version of the lock screen. The new lock screen allows for a person to access much more information without unlocking his or her phone, by just swiping right. It also has better security, as a person now has to press the home button to unlock the phone as well as using touch ID or entering a passcode. Notifications can also be viewed in further detail on the lock screen with the update.

Apple has created a lot of fun, exciting, and new features with the iOS 10. While phones tend to glitch more with the update, apple has already started working on further updates to fix these glitches. IOS 10 is one of the biggest things in technology right now and has pleased many dedicated iPhone users.