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The Point’s 2024 Grammy Predictions

The Grammy Awards are presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, created in order to respect and award the greatest artists, best songs and newcomers all across the musical world. 

A few of the most notable awards presented are Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best New Artist. 


Song of the Year

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Musa: “Kill Bill” by SZA

I chose this song because I think the flow of the song was good along with the fact that you couldn’t walk outside your house for fifteen minutes without hearing this song, making this song my prediction for the song of the year.

Aaron: “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift

The Song of the Year is usually a very difficult choice, as many great songs by many great artists have been released this year. But this year, “Anti-Hero” should take most of the votes and win this award.


Album of the Year

Musa: “SOS” by SZA

My reasoning behind this is the same as before: this album has been played constantly by so many people that even a person like me who doesn’t listen to SZA at all probably knows all the songs.

Aaron: “Midnights” by Taylor Swift

The Taylor Swift fanbase has supported this album immensely. As Taylor Swift is reaching yet another pinnacle of her career, she should receive multiple awards during these Grammys.


Best New Artist

Musa: Ice Spice

This was a hard choice due to all of the new talent that came to the scene this year, but for this award I picked Ice Spice because she dropped many songs this year that pretty much all charted somewhere on the Billboard Top 200.   

Aaron: Ice Spice

 As a widely recognized artist, her discography includes songs like “Boys a Liar,” “Munch” and “Bikini Bottom.” Her recent success should carry her to win her first Grammy.

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