Relaxing Music Recommendations

    As school begins to transition into harder courses and standardized tests like the SAT, it can be hard to take a breather without the pressure of responsibilities.  For all of the stressed and sleep-deprived students, these music recommendations will surely allow a short time to relax and unwind.

Close your eyes and take a break with these relaxing tunes!


Nujabes – Feather

    In general, Nujabes is definitely of the artists that have defined the genre of alternative rap in the underground hip-hop scene. Nujabes, or known as Jun Seba, was a Japanese record producer, DJ, composer, and arranger. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2010 due to a car accident. However, due to his influence and collaborations with many artists, numerous tributes were made in remembrance of his musical legacy.

    Feather is one of the most famous of Nujabes songs, and the contrast between a peaceful, atmospheric background with rapping from Akin Yai and Cisestar combines to create a fantastic song to add to your study playlist.


Warmth – Joey Pecoraro

    His music is in the background of many famous Youtube videos, such as Buzzfeed. However, that definitely does not denounce the quality of Joey Pecoraro’s music. Characterized by a sleepy, calming sound, the lack of vocals allows the listener to focus on the music. The ethereal tones mixed with vintage-sounding brass instruments gives the song a unique sound.

    All in all, this song is definitely something that does not tire even after multiple listens – it is an example of a perfect study song that is simple and to the point.


Bloom – The Paper Kites  

    This song is more of a nostalgic number, with sentimental acoustics complementing the voice of the main singer. The indie-folk aesthetic of the music is very lovable, and the sounds of fingers shifting on the instruments adds a very authentic aspect to this song. It feels as though you are going through a journey as you listen to the song.


    The gentle lyrics and singing ensure that the song will not distract you while you are working. This song would also be very suitable for a road trip to a new destination. Keep traveling and listening!


Skinny Love – Birdy Version

    This song is originally by Bon Iver, but Birdy’s version is more well known recently. And it is with good reason. Birdy’s voice is  unique and youthful, highlighted with her British accent. Even though the song has deep lyrics, it is a very gentle, fragile song that gives an atmosphere of realism and introspective thinking.

    The piano is also fantastic, with light staccatos and flowing notes throughout the course of the song. It is a song with a great chorus as well, easy to hum to while doing your homework for your classes!


Far Too Young to Die – Panic! At the Disco

    Panic! At the Disco is a famous alternative rock band, known for their loud hits in their earlier years such as “Ballad of Mona Lisa” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.”

However, this song is one of the more quiet, mellow songs. It is a track on the album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die. Brendon Urie, the main vocalist, shows his deep notes throughout the course of the song. Instead of crazy high notes, the subtle darkness of the backing track with a repetitive chorus creates an addictive song that is great to listen to.
  Even if you do not listen to Indie music, this song is definitely one of the top recommendations that everyone should listen to.