Women Empowerment

Abby Fisler, Staff Writer

May 10, 2012

Ever worried about your safety? Not prepared to defend yourself? Well, Gracie Gym in Torrance offers a unique program offered every Tuesday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 11:30 am and no experience is necessary. This program is called...

Dubai Guy

Brooke Bessen, Staff Writer

February 1, 2012

Meet Anthony Collins, Palos Verdes High School junior.  Collins used to spend time in Palos Verdes during the summer, but would return to Dubai to attend school.  You may know Anthony from the Sea Kings baseball team.  When aske...

A Not so Winter Wonderland

Courtney Gilbertson, Staff Writer

December 29, 2011

As we finally break free of the heat spells of summer, winter break creeps right around the corner. To many Sea Kings, not only does this mean the holidays are quickly approaching, but it also means no school, and time for vaca...

Steven Cunha

Steven Cunha

December 29, 2011