Cookies Determine Character

What does your favorite Girl Scout cookie say about you?

Alycen Kim, Centerspread editor

March and April bring about cool spring breezes, frantic studying for AP tests, and of course, Girl Scout cookie season.  

But, along with the delectable cookies comes debates over which Girl Scout cookie is the tastiest. 

Certain people prefer certain cookies, and your choice of cookie might reveal a lot about your personality. 

Thin Mints are dark chocolate dipped, mint flavored wafer cookies. 

If your favorite cookie is the Thin Mint, then you are very organized and diligent. 

You can be minty-sharp and cold sometimes, but you balance it out with your warm, chocolatey compassion. You always want things to go your way and you can command any room with your passion and intellect.  

Samoas are crisp cookies filled with coconut flakes and caramel, with a drizzle of dark chocolate on top. If your favorite cookie is a Samoa, you’re fun, witty, and wild. 

The idea of looking or acting like everyone else bores you, and you show that through your extravagant style and bubbly personality. 

Chocolate, coconut, and caramel- you’re a perfect blend of everything sweet and fun.

Trefoils are sweet shortbread cookies baked in the shape of the Girl Scout logo. 

If your favorite cookie is the Trefoil, then you are probably very traditional and mature. You like to keep things simple and your favorite type of design style is minimalism. 

You are known as the “mom” of your friend group and you probably drive a very practical, gas-efficient Toyota Prius.  

Tagalongs are peanut butter patties dipped in milk chocolate.  

If your favorite cookie is a Tagalong, then you are very easy going and adventurous. 

You have many layers to your personality, just like your favorite cookie. 

You enjoy many different hobbies, and you love stepping out of your comfort zone to meet new people or explore new places. 

Loyalty is your best trait, and your favorite thing to do is to spend quality time and share a laugh with your closest group of friends. 

Do-si-dos are crunchy peanut butter sandwich cookies. 

If your favorite cookie is the Do-si-do, you’re a homebody at heart. 

Like the cookie, you are sweet sandwiched in between more layers of sweetness. 

In your friend group, you are known as the person who gives the best advice (and the best hugs). 

Your idea of a fun night consists of Netflix, cozy blankets, and some popcorn.