Return to Campus or Computer?


On April 12, 2021, Palos Verdes High School students are scheduled to return to campus in a hybrid system of learning, where students will be split into two groups by last name, group 1 receiving in-person instruction on Mondays and Tuesdays, and group 2 receiving in-person instruction on Thursdays and Fridays. Effective April 19, 2021, all hybrid students grades 9-12 will recieve in-person instruction four days per week, and are required to stay three feet apart in classrooms. Students also had the option to continue distance learning (DLA), where students will learn from teacher live streams via computers. See top reasons why students decided to do hybrid or DLA.


“My mom wants me to go back for hybrid and I think it’ll help me focus more. Going back means no more Genshin in class and I can actually learn something!” 

­— Rose Feng, Freshman

“I decided to go back to school because it is a lot more fun in real life and I want to be able to see my friends more often. Going back will hopefully help the zoom fatigue we are all experiencing and make class more engaging so that we all learn better.” 

­­— Ainsley Schmitz, Sophomore

“I decided to go back to in-person learning because I want to see my teachers and classmates. Although I like the flexibility of distance learning, I feel that going back in the classroom will make me more focused and productive during school hours.” 

Davryn McDuffie, Sophomore



“I decided to [do] DLA because it would be more beneficial for time management. Some advantages of doing remote learning are that it is safer, it is easier to manage time, and I enjoy classes.” 

Aaron Paik, Freshman

“I made the decision to stay home because I had already been accustomed to distance learning, so I just figured it would be easier to stay home. I think that distance learning allows for students to have more flexible schedules, and of course it allows for students to learn in a safer environment.”

Sydni Bednarek, Sophomore

“After talking with all my teachers, I realized that we would essentially be doing the same things in class that we are doing online. As a senior, I was really looking forward to going off-campus with my friends for lunch, or to sit in the car with everyone, and we can’t do that. I also realized that most of my friends are doing DLA as well, so I thought I’d do the same.”

Zoey Belliveau, Senior