Add These to Your TBR (to be read) Pile

Sydney Lyle, Social Media Editor

An endless amount of books line every wall. Genre upon genre presented on all. Slightly overwhelming and often nerve inducing, the library seems all too confusing. 

Reading can be cool, but you need the right tools. So, ask librarian Ashley Brockman, she knows all the rules. 

The librarian is here to spark some reading motivation, so here are some recommendations that she thinks will help.

First on the list is the novel “More Happy than Not”. “Adam Silvera’s ‘More Happy than Not’ is about memory, depression, sacrifices made for the expectations of friends and the struggle to be more happy than not with one’s true self,” said Brockman. 

This thought-provoking, young adult fiction novel follows a teenage boy in search of happiness as he confronts issues regarding race, class, and sexuality. Featuring Angie Thomas, author of “The Hate You Give”, and now being adapted by HBO, this novel is a must read.

Next, a recommendation from the Bestseller’s list presented by Maleha Innocent, a PVHS book club member. 

“‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens depicts a beautiful story between the natural world and humanity while illustrating an immaculate coming of age story,” said Innocent. This adult historical fiction novel describes an earlier time in precise detail and intrigues readers through an unexpected murder mystery.

Finally, to round off the list, a non-fiction recommendation. “‘What the Eyes Don’t See’ by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is a must read, chronicling her work to expose the Flint Water Crisis and our crucial need for environmental justice,” said Brockman. As an immigrant, doctor, scientist, and mother, the author tells a compelling story about the importance of activism and the pursuit of justice while encouraging hope and determination in the face of uncertainty.

So, the exciting world of literature is limitless. There are endless possibilities to what range of topics to explore, but here are just a few fascinating options.