PVHS’ Annual Choreo Concert

Students express their emotions through dance


(Photo by Sierra Namvari)

Choreo’s annual Spring Concert is coming up this March, with some emotional performances.

“I really like the theme this year because I’m a very energetic person which is shown through my dancing,” Senior Brynn Ottolia said. 

 “Expressions through dance gives a lot of perspective of different people’s choreography styles, as well as covering historical, social media, and societal issues.” 

The expressive dances range from connective duets, to the personal struggles of mental health. 

PVHS’s choreo students spend hours everyday, preparing for this show in order to make it a passionate experience. 

Senior Vivian Chan is choreographing for the show for the first time in her four year experience. 

“I’m choreographing three pieces and dancing in another student choreographed one along with four guest teachers’ dances,” Chan siad. 

 “I think I’ve been managing it pretty well. Ms. Mastan has definitely been very helpful during this process. One of my dances is about burning out and another one is about two people converging paths creating a friendship”. 

Through choreographing, many have found out about the competitive aspect. 

“Choreographing is very stressful, more than I thought it would be,” sophomore Lauren McDonald said.

 “The piece is about the competitive side of everyone, and is represented through two people who are against each other, only to realize they’re the same.” 

The two dancers in a duet are co-choreographing for the first time which brings more responsibility and learning to this process for them. 

“Working with my friend can be difficult sometimes when we have different ideas, but it can also be really helpful when one of us gets stuck,” McDonald said. 

One freshman, Jordan Bulatao, goes through the process of learning new styles for this show.

 “I am doing a swing dance, which is very different from what I normally do,” Bulatao said. 

“I’ve done formal ballroom dances, but this style is a lot more energetic.”

These dances have connected many of the students to their personal struggles or emotions. 

Expression through dance is a big part of creativity and getting the opportunity to put on a show filled with each dancer’s unique experiences is what makes it so special this year.

The choreo show is March 22 and 23 at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance at 7 pm. Tickets are $15.