Hassanein Tops the Charts on the Court


(Photo by Sierra Namvari)

Junior Alex Hassanein started playing basketball early into elementary school, but did not realize his passion until high school. 

“I started playing in second grade, but I didn’t really put in the work or time into it that I do now until my freshman year,” Hassanein said. 

Hassanein has an impressive record as top scorer on boys varsity basketball, averaging 17.8 points per game. 

“If I had to [credit my success] to one thing, I would definitely say it’s my mindset when it comes to the game,” Hassanein said. 

“I was always naturally skilled and a solid player, but when I started to put in all the extra hours over the last couple of years, I really noticed how much my game as a whole has improved.”

While Hassanein’s mindset has improved his performance during games, he also has his coaches to thank. 

 “I’ve been fortunate to have so many great coaches and trainers over the years, it would be impossible to credit my success to just one of them.”

Hassanein has had incredible success and has made many memories this season. 

“My favorite part about playing basketball is upsetting the opposing fans.”

He has others he looks up to for his inspiration. 

 “I don’t model my game after a single person, but I take certain things from all different players.”

Over the years, Hassanein has learned many new skills and has developed a better understanding of how to use his strengths to his advantage. 

 “The thing I’ve learned most about myself this season is that it doesn’t matter who I’m playing against, they can’t guard me.”

Junior Teh Han Kim has played on the same team with Hassanein for two years now, and talked about what it’s like to have Hassanein as a teammate. 

“He pushes everyone to be their best and lets you know if you are lacking in certain areas,” Kim said. 

“He doesn’t ask you to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. He works hard and is respected by everyone on the team.”

Hassanein is an incredible player but also a great teammate who everyone looks up to.  

“He’s extremely disciplined in his craft, working out to the point where his body can’t handle it,” Kim said. 

“He does every rep and every workout at 100 percent and overall, he is very hard working.”