Math Teacher at PVHS Balances Teaching and Taekwondo

Jonathan Liu, Sports Editor

As most students know Leannee Nemeth as a great teacher, something that gets swept under the rug is that she is also top tier in the dojang. 

“I’ve been doing Taekwondo for about a total of six years, but because the dojang was closed because of lockdown, it’s technically been around four and a half,” Nemeth said.  

Even after the struggles of not participating due to COVID-19, she still continues to have a passion for the sport.

“What keeps me motivated to continue Taekwondo is I like the dojang I go to. I’m a little of a screwball, and the master over there lets me be a screwball. My comedic talents are also appreciated at the dojang,” Nemeth said. 

Some might wonder about how Nemeth balances creating lesson plans and grading, but for Nemeth, she only teaches on A days. 

“I balance the workload of teaching and Taekwondo because I teach part time. I gave up on teaching full time,” she said. 

As a result of Nemeth loosening up her schedule, she has had the opportunity to propel her level into a First down black belt level.