March Madness: Countdown to the Finals

Gabriella Rudy, Reporter

The bleachers erupted in cheers as junior Cambell Harrigian sunk her first basket, marking the beginning of ASB’s much anticipated March Madness basketball tournament. 

In this annual bracket, teams of four (three on the court, one alternate) compete in half court games at lunchtime that are reffed by ASB and BTC members. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity for both those who play basketball and those who don’t, to enjoy spirited gameplay with one another. 

 For those Sea Kings who opt to refrain from playing, the bleachers are filled with students cheering on the very uniquely named teams. 

The Winners and The Fighting Hens seemed to be crowd favorites. 

“Even though we lost our second game, I had such a fun time playing a sport I usually wouldn’t play with all of my friends,” Harrigian said.

The March Madness tournament began with the intent to remind sea kings of Coach John Wooden’s pyramid of success, and the values that he instilled in his players that are still relevant today. 

Some of these include cooperation, team spirit, and enthusiasm, all traits exemplified in the mini-games of the tournament. 

Senior Dane Dawson, who helped plan and execute the bracket this year, believes that it’s important that the tournament reminds us of these core values, especially during the COVID-19 crisis we are experiencing today.

 “This tournament does a great job of bringing Sea Kings together while also promoting the morals that make the sea king family such a special one to belong to,” Dawson said.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 quarantine cancelling school until April 20th, the final game between RP and Mamba Athletics has been postponed until further notice. 

But what is certain, is that our Sea King family will be more excited than ever to return and cheer on both teams!