Wearing Pink for a Purpose

Nikki Ringer, Social Media Editor

October is here and teams are wearing pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

All fall sports have pink as a part of their uniform to wear during games.

My whole team always has something in mind during games for breast cancer awareness month,” senior football player Jake Jellison said.

Football players wear pink socks for all October games to show support. Many athletes and families at PVHS have been affected by breast cancer, so wearing pink during games is something teams do to stand with those fighting breast cancer.

Water polo honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink speedos for both home and away games.

Personally I wear pink as a reminder that life can change in an instant and to support everyone affected by breast cancer,” said senior water polo player Anthony D’Ambra.

PVHS students and coaches alike have been affected by breast cancer in some way, teams support those affected by putting on events.

Girls’ volleyball decks out in pink for all games but especially their dig pink game.

They sell breast cancer bracelets and food at the game to raise money and to bring awareness to those affected.

Although October is focused on breast cancer awareness, Sea Kings recognize that all types of cancer have an affect on families.

Athletes wear pink to support all families who have fought and are fighting cancer.

It has affected my entire life, having this game is very important to me to play my hardest, especially for my dad,” senior volleyball player Mazie Borda said.