Hitting the Slopes

Isabella Firmani, Writer

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Just a few weeks ago, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort was becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of snow the mountain was receiving. The original opening date was November 8, however, the workers decided to push it to open on the 11th due to the dryness of the mountain. With the decreasing temperatures, the mountain workers needed those few days to generate as much man-made snow as possible. 

However, for many skiers and snowboarders, man-made snow is nothing compared to fresh powder, so things were not looking good for the resort. 

Fortunately for everyone planning on hitting the slopes this winter, Mother Nature did her job and blew a storm towards the mountain that provided its first large amount of snowfall in late November. 

It was not enough snow to completely cover all the rocks or open all the trails, but much more is hoped to come and PVHS students are more than eager to jump on a ski lift. 

In fact, one senior at PVHS is so excited for the new season that he has already been up during opening weekend and is planning on going every chance he gets. 

Senior Trey Johnson takes in the view. (Photo by Noah Whang)

“I want to go every other weekend,” Trey Johnson said, “because it’s currently dumping snow.” 

Luckily for Johnson, his family recently got a condo in Mammoth so he can drive up with his friends whenever he wants to. 

Mammoth Mountain provides more than 3,500 acres of terrain to ski on which allows for endless hours of enjoyment. The car ride up to Mammoth can take up to six to seven hours. 

However, the trip is enjoyable because of the wide and beautiful expanse of scenery. There are also numerous Western themed towns along the way that are always fun to pass through. 

If driving is too long for you, it is only a short one hour plane ride away. Many PVHS students enjoy going up whenever they have the time. 

“It’s a fun place to go and meet up with friends,” freshman Fritz Mulkey said. “You get to snowboard and hang out without worrying about anything.” 

Mammoth is enjoyable for even those that don’t participate in snow activities. There are multiple spas, ice cream shops, and restaurants nearby to relax and unwind during a quick weekend. 

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