PVHS Walk of Fame Installed

Starring influential donors and alum


(Photo by Lucia Ruiz)

Lucia Ruiz and Eva Yancheson, Editor-in-Chief and Reporter

For years, the PVHS Drama Department has been planning a Sea King Walk of Fame, a Hollywood-style walkway of stars featuring the names of influential patrons. On Thursday, Oct. 29, the Walk of Fame project became a reality as 14 stars now line the entrance to the MPR. 

The PVHS Drama Department has a long-standing reputation for putting on impressive productions which are very popular among students. In order to fund the program, supporters can purchase a star on the Walk of Fame or purchase a seat in the theater with an inscribed nameplate. 

“My entire family all loves theater,” junior Gavin Kresser said. “If I remember correctly, when we bought our star it was back during 2019 I think. It’s a great way to support the drama department.”

The Sea King Walk of Fame started as a method of fundraising for the theater program.

“The [Walk of Fame] campaign started when we were trying to raise money to get three units of theater seats because we were using fold-out chairs,” drama department director Nicole Thomspon said. “But that’s where costs have now increased. Even something like a shipment of playbills that used to cost $1200 is now $2700.”

Not only were the materials for the stars more expensive, but they were also harder to access due to the effects of COVID. 

“We started the Walk of Fame pre-COVID and put the order in and then the world kind of stopped,” Thompson said. 

“We were unable to get our order for a year. It came from overseas so it didn’t come and then it was stuck on a ship for a long time in Long Beach so it took forever. So a lot of people on the stars have now graduated. But it’s super exciting to see them there and they turned out incredible.”

However, the campaign has evolved into much more and involves the entire school now.

“Even when I was in high school, I remember seeing so many things dedicated to people who have helped to make programs happen,” Thompson said. “The Sea King Walk of Fame isn’t just for theater families. There is a star for the ASB director that was here many years ago, there are a couple stars that are athlete’s families. So it really is leaving a mark and giving back to the school that you love and the programs that you love.”

Since the Sea King Walk of Fame is news to many on campus, Thompson is optimistic that it will raise more funds for the various departments in the coming years. 

“We’re hoping that every program will get a star on there eventually because we really are one school and working together,” Thompson said.