Elton John to do a Final Tour of US, Europe

Olivia Kao, Reporter

After decades of a widely recognized and extremely successful career, Elton John announced he will be touring Europe and the US one last time to CBS News earlier this year. 

The 75-year-old pianist, singer and activist will be concluding his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour” right in the heart of LA in Dodger Stadium on Nov. 20, 2022.

John’s career spans over half a decade. He has released over 30 albums and his music has touched the lives of millions of people of all ages around the world.

“Elton John has greatly influenced me as a pianist and musician by introducing me to playing pop music,” sophomore Jeffery Falcone said. 

“When I first learned how to play ‘Tiny Dancer,’ I was intrigued by the unique style of his playing. His music and career has greatly influenced pop music and the entire music industry and if it weren’t for him, pop music today would sound much different.”

Music director and teacher Shellie Parkinson grew up listening to John’s music and it has affected her as a musician and music educator.

“I’m sure as a kid I took his genius for granted,” she said. 

“His music feels so nostalgic for me. I was pretty young when I started listening to his music, so it just feels like the sound of my childhood or the music that I heard at the mall.”

A few things set John’s music style apart from other artists of that generation. 

“He’s classically trained,” Parkinson said. “He played classical music for years on the piano at a conservatory in town. If you listen to some pop music from the 60s, it all sounds the same. [John] experimented more with form and chord choices.”

However, John’s impact on the world is not limited to the music industry. As a member of the LGBTQ community, John has been recognized for fighting and funding research for AIDS as well as being an avid human rights activist.

John’s influence is clear with his creation of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which not only funds AIDS research but also fights the stigma surrounding the disease. 

It is vital to appreciate what the British singer, songwriter and activist has done for the music and LGBTQ communities before Rocketman himself retires.