Hundreds Reunite for PVHS’ first Alumni Weekend

Curtis Liu, Online Editor

Over Thanksgiving break, many different generations of Sea King alumni bonded at the PVHS Alumni Weekend event. 

PVHS alumni returned to their alma mater from November 29 to December 1 for the Alumni Weekend. 

Approximately 400 alumni showed up to this event over the course of three days, coordinated by economics teacher Richard Heffernan

The three-day event aimed to bring together past alumni from PVHS, ranging from recent years all the way back to the class of 1962, a class that graduated 57 years ago. 

“The most challenging part about planning for this event was getting the word out to everyone,” said Heffernan. 

“It was actually the older generation that was easier to reach through Facebook,” said Heffernan, which proved vital in gathering the majority of the attendants. Email lists also helped, but he found that Facebook was a much more convenient way to reach out to PVHS alumni.

The committee for organizing this event had started working nine months prior to the actual date. 

The core committee consisted of Heffernan, Stephanie Aldrete (class of ‘78), Trudi Sharpsteen (class of ‘82), Ann Vasey (class of ‘85), Cathy Trujillo (class of ‘85), and Craig Quinn (Booster Club President). 

Heffernan, along with the core committee, collectively put in hundreds of hours to ensure the success of this event. 

This committee will meet during the next few weeks to discuss future plans.

Heffernan believed that the reconnection is what the alumni looked forward to the most. 

Heffernan stated that “[he] felt it was a great success based upon the feedback from those who attended and also want[s] to thank the PVHS Students, teachers and staff members who helped make this event happen.”

Allowing a platform for former students and faculty to reconnect gave Heffernan the greatest amount of satisfaction in leading this successful event.