PV parking woes

Audrey Chung, Writer

Most students have their own cars and drive themselves to school. The school offers parking in any of the lots provided and on the streets directly adjacent to the school – Cloyden Road, Via Pacheco, and Epping Road. The school also suggests public parking at the Lunada Bay Little League Field.   

However, students claim there are not enough spaces. What should the school do or rather, what can it do? There were many suggestions made to the school, starting from a senior, junior, and sophomore parking lot. As much as students want it, it just might not happen. There is one thing they can do: come early. As obvious as it sounds, as of now, it is the only thing that can be done.

Although some students physically cannot come to school as early as junior Ellie Darcey-Alden, she said, “I get to school at 6:40 everyday; early enough so that there are plenty [spaces] for me to choose from.”

The school has, in total, 420 parking spaces, including the 12 for the disabled, and spaces for the staff. It was found from time to time, that around 10 spaces are not used. Although there aren’t many spaces left, there are still some more that students can fill up. Some students opt to park illegaly in parking spaces or create their own.

Instead of the school creating more parking spots, senior Briar Rood, believes “it is the responsibility of the kids [as] there are a lot of kids who get [to school].”

Rood feels the students should know how to work around the many students who come with their own car every morning. However, Rood thinks the school should take care of this problem if there is actually trouble with parking.

If coming early still does not guarantee a parking spot for some students, there are a couple of other options. Getting an Uber is inexpensive and a great alternative. Also the school offers parking spaces in the front parking lot specifically for the people who carpool. Some could even ride a bike to school. Not only is it great exercise, but they will not have to worry about the traffic. If none of these work, a student could consider getting a zero period in order to arrive to school early.

Overall, complaining about the lack of spots will not help with parking every morning. The school has made additional parking spaces on campus, as of now, it is all they can do.

Until the students get what they want with where parking goes, it will be their responsibility to come and find a spot.

It may be difficult and not worth waking up early just to park, but that’s high school. Welcome.