Trump Fires Women Not Pretty Enough Out of His Golf Course

Audrey Chung, Writer

     Donald Trump is famous for his controversial behavior. Throughout his life, Trump has seen women as inferior and nothing more than objects to be admired. At Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, women employees are outraged with the working environment. Trump believes that only “attractive women” should be allowed to work for him. Even his employees stated that Trump only wanted pretty ones. Ever since Trump’s golf course opened in 2005 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Trump has made many visits to the course. Every time Trump visited this golf course, his employees made sure to get the thin, young, and pretty women to be working in the clubhouse. If they were less attractive, Trump would want them fired. A director of catering the club had witnessed numerous times when Trump told managers the hostesses “were not pretty enough,” and they needed to be replaced with more attractive women. Due to this unjust system, the managers eventually changed the employees’ schedules so the more attractive women would be working the times Trump came to visit.

     Some of the women employees have said that his presence is uncomfortable, and his behavior toward women is inappropriate. He was reported to be “overly familiar and unprofessional”.

     One day, an employee started crying because she was told she could not be a server because she had acne on her face. This woman quit soon after.

     Trump’s thirst for young, attractive women was filed in support of a claim for retaliation after Trump fired a 45-year-old woman. This was an example of age discrimination. Many employees’ said women quit or were fired because their appearance did not qualify.  

     Not only was Trump firing women who lacked his ideas of beauty, he did not provide the appropriate amount of breaks that employees deserved. Instead, they were given limited time for meals, and were often discouraged to take bathroom breaks.

     Would some people argue Trump has gone too far? Or would some people argue this was needed to keep a successful golf course functioning?

     After being scolded several times, and later fired, employees did not fight for their jobs. In fact, they were relieved because they were fed up with the toxic working environment. Trump needs to understand that women are equal to men and deserve respect.