To Do for 2022

Sea Kings Set Their Resolutions for the New Year

“My New Year’s Resolution for 2022 is to get to a 225 bench. I will achieve this by lifting 6 days a week.  My resolution last year was to get back into the pool after my surgery on my wrist. I accomplished this by getting back into the pool and continuing my waterpolo career.”

– Jonathan Ross (12)


“I would like to get an A in physics. I’d also like to study more- I feel like I’ve been slacking on studying. And, second of all, I want to work out more, like find more time to work out after school, by running, so I can get better on that spectrum. I’m gonna achieve this by studying more, and finding more time in my day to work out.”

– Kyra Schmid (11)


“My New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to be more productive with my school work and get good grades. I also would like to keep my room clean more because I think I will feel more productive in a cleaner environment. To achieve my goals, I will start to make a schedule and have everything be more organized. I am going to start studying and working harder so I can get good grades. Lastly, I will sleep earlier and wake up earlier to get ready for school.”

– Truth Skeldon (9)


“My main resolutions are to eat healthier and read more, and get into my top college.  I am going to try and be more disciplined with my diet choices and get more books for Christmas so I can read during second semester.  I also want to get better at basketball for my senior year.”

– Carson Kim (12)


“A New Year’s resolution that I always try to reach is to stop procrastinating on everything I do. Although I’ve attempted to do this so many times in the past, this time, I will make sure to reward myself if I get the things that I need to do done. Hopefully, this tactic will finally motivate me to stop procrastinating! I had the same resolution last year, and unfortunately, I did not achieve it. but 2022 is going to be a different year, I can feel it.”

– Hayleigh Liu (11)


“Some resolutions I have for 2022 are to work harder at school and tennis, and to become more organized.  To achieve my goals, I will make sure to stay on task when I’m studying and don’t procrastinate. I’ll practice tennis more often at the tennis club and I’ll use my planner more.”

– Lucienne Jassy (9)


“I want to travel somewhere interesting and fun this coming year.  I will achieve this by trying to convince my family to take us somewhere during break.  I haven’t accomplished any current New Year’s resolutions, but in past years I have accomplished my New Year’s resolution of getting good grades.”


– Sydni Bednarek (11)


“This New Year’s,  I want to not wait until the last minute to start my homework. I can achieve this goal by doing my homework the day I receive it and not starting it the day before it’s due.”

– Joaquin Bejarano (10)