Speak Your Truth: Sea Kings Share Their Hot Takes

“I used to eat cow tongue as a kid because my parents would make it and it’s actually pretty good, everyone assumes that its gross but it’s not. I think Fight Club is very overrated. Everyone talks about it and I had higher expectations for it but ended up being disappointed.” – Parham Seyedshakeri (12)

“I love math and a lot of people hate math. There’s straight answers to a lot of things, like in English the answers are more open-ended. I like to have straight answers to my questions. And it’s really fun and interesting. A lot of people don’t think it is, which I get, but that’s not me.” – Hayden Greene (12)

“I think pizza is overrated. I think it’s still good but I hear a lot of people saying it’s their favorite food and I don’t understand all the love. Also, I think Drake is overrated. Just like pizza, I think he’s a great artist but I don’t think he’s as great as everyone says he is.” – Owen Traina (11)

“I’m the black sheep here, because I don’t like most modern music. I think it’s overly vulgar. I think songs like “WAP” are excess for the sake of excess. Songs should be there [for you] to enjoy yourself to, not just spew the most vulgar and obscene language that you could possibly have. I can say that for not just Cardi B– I think Drake is talentless, mumble rappers suck… I’m really an unpopular opinion walking around, aren’t I?” Lucas Coleman (12)

“I don’t like Taylor Swift because I don’t really listen to her music. I also don’t like eggs because they smell bad and the texture is gross” – Lauren Peckovich (11)

“Ian Somerhalder, the guy from The Vampire Diaries, is not attractive. His eyes bother me, they don’t fit his face. They’re very squinty, and his eyebrows are very aggressive. I hate the song “Boy’s a Liar” by Ice Spice and PinkPantheress on TikTok. I don’t like how repetitive it is. Her voice annoys me.” – Lauren Colton (10)

“I don’t like In’n’Out shakes because they taste like butter and fat. I feel fat after drinking the shakes, I feel like there is a film around my mouth after drinking one. I don’t get that crisp satisfaction of chilled a chilled beverage after drinking one.” Petra Riggs (11)

“Pineapple on pizza is good – perfect mixture of sweet and savory.” – Rylee Rodriguez (9)

“I really hate KFC. I think their chicken is very low quality and it’s never good…The Office is lowkey mid. It’s super boring and way too overhyped.” – Chris Lachowicz (11)

“I think hot dogs are sandwiches. It’s a piece of meat between two pieces of bread, therefore it’s a sandwich…Senior year is not that easy. Everyone says senior year is the easiest and most fun year, but that’s not true at all.” – Alex Donell (12)

“Taylor Swift should have stayed in country music. The Red album was her only good one and I haven’t listened to a song of hers since. [She] is overrated and hasn’t made a good album since 2014.” Connor Bradley (11)

“I’m not a big fan of grapes. It’s not about the taste or anything, it’s just like in elementary school a bunch of kids would step on them and it would be all over the black top and it would just unsettle me. I’m not a fan of grapes anymore. Whenever I would eat grapes it would be associated with it being squished on the floor and baked in the sun, crusted over the blacktop. It really rubbed me the wrong way.” – Vytas Vitkus (11)

“Bacon is not that good. It smells great but the texture is what throws me off the most. The flavor of it is also pretty disappointing.” – Kylie Welcher (12)

“I thought Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was boring. I like Super Bowl performances with unique combinations of artists and I wanted to see different types of artists interacting with her. I like Rihanna, but I just wanted to see some interesting combinations. I liked the colors and obviously she’s a great performer, but meh, I just expected better bands and performances.” – Ms. Mogilefsky (English Teacher)

“Schoolwise, I think that math is the color blue and English is the color red. It’s really hard to explain, but I know I’m right.” – Grace Moore (11)

“People only like the terrible taste of coffee and dark chocolate because they want to think that they have a complex palate but it just tastes bad. “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift has gotten on my nerves so much because people keep playing it. I don’t really like her music that much but Anti-Hero specifically gets on my nerves.” Mattias Eberhart (10)