I Don’t Have Social Media Because…

“I don’t have social media because of my parents’ rules and a mix of me not being interested in the different trends. I think the best way to communicate is in person, you get real moments.”

– Ryan Fuerte (11)

 “Some trends can be really hurtful. Trends that involve dangerous or harmful things can mentally or physically hurt large numbers of people faster than the world has ever seen. Social media trends allow us to reach across the world in ways that can be positive as well. Body positivity trends, trends about normalizing the sides of life people don’t always show on social media, can help massive amounts of people. I don’t have social media because I have seen the way it can hurt people, and I know about the internet footprint you leave. Everything you’ve ever posted is permanently out on the internet, and I would like to be older before I make decisions on what I put out for the world to see.”

– Azalea Lurie (10)