31 Days of Halloween

When is the right time to put out the pumpkins and cobwebs? September 24? October 1? October 31? Or all year long?

Isabella Ruiz

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Each fall season, PVHS parents and students alike anticipate the impending Halloween season that entails spooky decorations full of carved pumpkins and layers of spider webs.  

Though festivities for the cherished holiday begin immediately at the start of October, communities still question the proper time to embellish their homes with ghosts and bats to match their inner excitement for the scary season.  

Despite Palos Verdes Estate’s lack of color-changing leaves and dramatic shift to cold weather, nothing can prevent residents from using whatever spirited decorations possible to bring the autumn season to life.  

For many, the Halloween movie nights and hours-long playlists commence on the first day of October, perhaps weeks prior if excitement cannot be contained.  

“I put up my decorations for Halloween practically a month before the holiday,” junior Emily Behrendsen said.  

“It’s my favorite holiday so I like to get in the spirit early.”

Regardless of the never-ending anticipation for this time of year, others find that Halloween decorations are only necessary directly before the holiday as to avoid letting the Halloween spirit go stale.

“Every year, my family has this special light up pumpkin in our window that can be seen from our driveway. When it’s night time and dark out, this huge pumpkin glows and can be seen all the way down the street, which is kind of creepy yet sweet and fun to see everytime I go home,” said senior Leah Prately.   

“Right as September ends, I’m ready for the costumes, the food, and the decorations… but my family waits until the week of Halloween to put up the glowing pumpkin though because of how special it is to my family and the holiday cheer that comes with it.”

Whether or not students agree over the perfect timing to spark spirit, there seems to be one commonality between students.

“I don’t really care when people decide to put up Halloween decorations, just as long as everyone can be enthusiastic for the season,” said junior Kelsey Sanchez.  

“And so long as they don’t just leave their decorations up for months after.”

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