Students Participate In Tradewinds Slam Poetry Night


(Photo courtesy of Karen Kostrencich)

The Tradewinds Literary Magazine 2023 Slam Poetry Night took place on April 7. 

There was a large turnout of parents and students who came to support the poets of the night. 

Slam poetry is a form of expression, mainly found from topics that an individual feels very passionate about. This can stem from human rights, ethnic backgrounds, sexuality, mental health, or any other topic. 

Students had been working on these projects for months. 

“At the moment there was a lot going on in the news about the overruling of Roe v. Wade and a lot of stuff in general about the Willow Project in Alaska and everything seemed really overwhelming, so I started thinking about our future. Instead of it making me sad, it just made me really angry,” junior Daniela Rusich said. 

“I felt like nobody was really listening so I took all of those emotions and put them into a poem.” 

They all brought emotion to their performances and really touched the audience. Some people even decided to partner up in order to create a more powerful presence on stage. 

This was projected really well especially considering how new some of the poets were to creating something in duets. 

The event was very empowering and it was exciting getting to see how people planned on expressing their feelings in front of a bigger audience for the first time this year.