Q and A with Chadwick Transfers

Q. What are some of the main differences between Chadwick and PV?

A. Sophomore Caroline Chu – “One [of the] main differences is the class size and how that really [impacts] the overall school environment.”

A. Sophomore Anish Chowdhury – “Chadwick has a standard based grading that is really opinion based, especially in math and science. It is not a matter of right or wrong, even if you get it right they will mark you points down because of the teacher’s opinion and standards of how to show work.”

Q. Are you happy with your decision to come to PV?

A. Chu – “I am really happy with my decision to come to PV. I feel like the environment is more fitting for me.”

A. Chowdhury- “I feel like just in general the teachers want you to succeed here much more and [they try to] help you get an A. I have enjoyed the community here.”

  Q. Was the transition to PV hard for you?

A. Chu – “In the beginning the transition was a little bit hard as there was a lot of anxiety coming into a new school, especially [because of] the much bigger class sizes.”

A. Chowdhury – “For the first week I was a little nervous just like anything that is new to a person. [It was a little difficult] getting to know the classes and understanding the system, but I got used to it.”

Q. Is there anything that Chadwick did that PV should try to do?

A. Chu – “Chadwick had really great opportunities to meet up with teachers outside of class time, called office hours. [I think] it would be really beneficial to the students at PV if they are confused or they do not really understand the subject.”

A. Chowdhury – “Chadwick has really great food. They had sushi, Ben and Jerry’s, fancy vending machines, Gatorades, and a lot more options.”