PVHS’s CompSci Curriculum Prepares Students to Revolutionize the Tech World

As technology continues to advance at lightning speed, it’s no secret that coding and computer science are becoming increasingly important skills for high school students to possess. 

At Palos Verdes High School, students have access to a variety of coding and computer science programs which can prepare them for success in the digital age.

One of the most popular coding courses at PVHS is the AP Computer Science Principles course, which teaches students the basics of coding languages like Python and JavaScript. 

According to teacher Laura Palosaari, “This class would be perfect for anyone who has little or no experience in computer science, but wants to learn about the basics. We learn how the internet works and the basics of programming, among other topics.”  

Palosaari also stated that a particularly successful lesson implemented in her class is when “students start out the class with paired programming, working with another student to create and debug code. One of their first projects is a 3-level Maze Project, and it is so fun to play each other’s versions in class, and then peer-review the projects.”

For more advanced students, PVHS also offers AP Computer Science, which covers a wide range of computer science topics and prepares students for the AP exam. 

Students currently taking the course agree that it is challenging, but they are learning a lot. 

In addition to these classes, there are also a variety of coding clubs and extracurricular activities available to students. 

The Palos Verdes Institute of Technology (PVIT), for example, offers multiple teams for students to join, where they program and build robots for competitions. 

Of the many PVIT teams, sophomore Isabella Juelle chose to join the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) — more specifically, its subteam that is dedicated to software. Like many others, Juelle joined PVIT to explore topics like programming and robotics. 

Preparing for competitions with a team is an opportunity for students to take their coding skills to the next level as they learn from one another. 

“Being part of a team and competing in competitions has helped me develop valuable teamwork and problem-solving skills,” Juelle said.

Not only do students find it a lot of fun, but they also get to see the practical, real-life applications of what they have learned within the classroom.

“It’s amazing to see our code come to life,” Juelle said. 

PVHS’s emphasis on coding and computer science education ensures that students are well-versed in rapidly advancing technology and have the opportunity to pursue their interests in these fields. 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, there’s something for everyone.