Vintage and Vibrant

Students with Timeless Cars Tell Their Stories

Ayla Torres, Reporter

The parking lot of PVHS is filled with plenty of unique cars with stories behind each wheel. Beyond what meets the eye, there are more to these cars than what we may see in the parking lot. 

Students’ passion and devotion toward the improvement of operation and cosmetics of their vehicles is not only impressive but worth the while to hear.

Senior Coral Hugoboom got her red 1963 Dodge GT from Palm Springs about a year ago. 

“I never had a dream car growing up but once I got this car it turned into my dream car,” Hugoboom said.

Her adoration continues to grow as she has plans to work on her car in the future. 

Seniors Daniel and Gabriel Olvera’s 1957 Chevrolet 3100 has been in their family for years before their dad gifted it to them as sophomores. 

“We replaced a lot of parts that were either broken or worn down from the years prior,” G. Olvera said. “We were most excited to restore the interior because it completes the look.” 

Aside from their effort toward remodeling the interior, the unique exterior is what truly catches the eye. 

“When we got it back from our cousin it was in bad shape,” G. Olvera said. “So we all fixed it up together and left the rust in the body because we liked it.” 

Their truck truly is like no other as the vintage aesthetic is timelessly admirable. 

“I think the rust actually makes it stand out from other cars too,” G. Olvera said. “It’s easy to spot and the truck is one-of-one so you know it’s us when you see it.”

Senior Aaron Brandt’s 1988 Ford Bronco has been a goal of his to obtain for as long as he can remember. Brandt’s journey has been quite difficult as he’s experienced some issues over time. 

“I have recently redone the entire engine because it has had some issues over the past couple of years,” Brandt said.

 However, he dreams one day of having a 1960-70s version for their classic and timeless reputation. Nevertheless, Brandt remains grateful for the car he’s worked so hard to acquire. 

“I feel that my car stands out from others not only because of its size, but also it’s cool history,” Brandt said. 

“I think what makes this car special is that it still has the original paint and is completely untouched with nothing missing,” junior John Harris said. “The bright yellow paint stands out quite a bit.” 

Harris’ truck is more to him than distinctive paint and fortunate circumstances. 

“This car is important to me because classic cars are something I’ve grown up around my entire life and it’s something me and my dad can work on together to teach me how to fix up a classic car,” Harris said.