Jazz Band and Orchestra Swing Back in Winter Concert


Photo by Chloe Choi

Chloe Choi, Reporter

This winter, jazz and orchestra both have concerts. The jazz concert was on Dec. 5 and the orchestra concert is on Dec. 12. 

Now that we are back to school in person, many activities on campus are back to our new normal. After a year of virtual classes, the jazz musicians are extremely grateful to be back on campus with their peers. 

Sophomore Braden Colli enjoys the in-person jazz band experience because it’s a creative outlet for him. 

“You can use the twelve notes in infinite ways to express your emotions through the music,” Colli said.

 Sophomore and saxophone player Austin Jones also thoroughly enjoys the class and believes that jazz band is the best music program. He likes that you can improvise your own unique sound in jazz. 

Orchestra also has a winter concert on Dec. 12. All members of the orchestra have been practicing very hard each morning during zero period. Although it’s early and many Sea Kings are tired, sophomore and bassist Rose Feng believes that orchestra is a therapeutic class. 

“I do enjoy it,” Feng said. “It’s something in the morning that helps me wake up in zero period because I’m waking up early and doing something fun. I think it’s very satisfying when your hard work pays off and it’s very fun.” 

Senior and concert mistress Viviana Hsiao described the daily rehearsals for the winter concert as intense yet rewarding as well. 

However, as concert mistress Hsiao has extra responsibilities to ensure the orchestra is organized. 

“As a concert mistress, I tune up the orchestra and I lead the first violins,” Hsiao said. “I also correct bowings and fingerings to ensure consistency within all the musicians.”

The music played at the winter concert will include pieces by Bach, Wienawski, Handel and more. Being in person is a much better experience than online according to all the students. 

“The basis of jazz is playing off of each other,” Colli said. “This is the first year I am actually playing jazz because last year we were playing with recording. It wasn’t the same thing.” 

This isn’t strictly related to Jazz. Feng and Hsiao both agree that practicing with the whole orchestra improves the experience. 

“Well I am actually playing in an orchestra everyday,” Feng said. 

“At home I just did the playing test to get the grade. It’s a lot more fun this way in person since we get to play together as a group.”