The Famous Pets of PVHS

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor

We all know and love our class pets on campus and Zoom, but have you ever wondered what they are like around their owners at home? 

Not everyone will remember the infamous campus tortoise, Pascal, but he has continued his journey into the Harley family. 

“He used to live here at school with [science teacher Pat] O’Brien, and in between breaks he would be in a little pen outside where kids could feed him,” history teacher Louis Harley said. 

“When O’Brien left, I took Pascal home, and that was just for the summer during quarantine. Now he’s still with us, and we wanted to bring him back to school, but our problem is that we don’t know where to put him because he’s gotten so big.”

“He’s about five years old. He can live to around 80 though, and he’s an African tortoise meaning he doesn’t hibernate.”

“His favorite types of food are those big heads of lettuce and he loves fruits and strawberries. In our backyard, he also loves hanging out with the rabbits, but they get scared of him.” 

For now, Pascal will be staying under the watchful eye of the Harley family until a plan can be made to get him either back at school or into a more permanent home.

On Zoom, we all got to enjoy many moments with physical education teacher Kathleen Mastan’s wonderful Bojangles.

“Bojangles is named after a famous tap dancer named Bojangles Robinson,” Mastan said. 

“He is now nine years old and I’ve had him for all nine years. As my students know, Bojangles was very Zoom-famous; he loved being on camera.”

“Everytime I started a Zoom he would come and sit next to me, or if I was doing yoga, he would do it as well. 

“I consider him a cat that’s like a dog, he can do tricks like sit, stand, highfive and chaines (turns).”

Seeing Bojangles and his many attempts at logging Mastan out of Zoom classes was a fun experience that we will miss dearly. 

History teacher Dane Hill’s dog, Crash, is quite the influencer on Instagram. Crash has over 2k followers, and posts constantly. 

“Crash just turned two, and he’s a mini goldendoodle,” Hill said. 

“My wife runs his account and she loves to post a lot. He’s really smart with knowing a bunch of tricks, he’s a very good retriever, he can sit, shake, spin, stands, and he’s just generally a really good boy. For Halloween my wife and I dressed up as Starbucks baristas and Crash was a pumpkin spice latte.” 

Students will continuously have love in their hearts for all of our teacher’s pets as they either stay at home, or with their fellow students.