The Mysterious Magic of Manifestation

Alycen Kim, Centerspread editor

The idea that we can make our wildest wishes and dreams come true in an instant sounds like something out of a fantasy novel or a Disney movie.

 But, what if there was a guaranteed way to achieve our goals and turn our thoughts into reality? 

Not with an elusive genie in a bottle or a magical fairy godmother, but with a concept known as the Law of Attraction.  

Illustration by Alycen Kim

The Law of Attraction is the idea that we all possess the ability to bring into our lives anything we focus on. 

 In basic terms, we can manifest our thoughts and goals through positive thinking and intentions. 

 It is believed that all thoughts turn into things at some point, so by visualizing and mediating, one can materialize their goals into reality and “create” their own future.  

The Law of Attraction has been recorded and taught throughout history in many different ways.  The concept of manifestation dates back to as early as 400 BCE, with the teachings of Buddha.

Buddha taught that ‘all that we are is a result of what we have thought’, an idea that is deeply essential to the Law of Attraction. 

The concept of karma also has roots in the Law of Attraction – it emphasizes the belief that the thoughts and actions we put out to the world will ultimately return to us. 

Putting out positive energy will bring back positive energy, and reflecting negative energy will only bring back more negative energy.  

In the 21st century, Rhonda Bryne’s novel and film The Secret pulled the Law of Attraction into the spotlight, attracting both sceptics and supporters alike. Bryne stresses setting goals and reflecting on negativity as the key to manifestation. 

The concept has also received endorsement from celebrities such as Will Smith and Jim Carrey, who all credit their positive experiences and accomplishments to the Law of Attraction.  

Most people will scoff at the idea of turning our thoughts into things, playing it down as hooey or fiction. 

In truth, the concept of manifestation is less a spiritual or religious ritual than a concept based on personal mindset and growth.  

“I feel like manifestation has been beneficial because it has helped me change my mindset to focus on my own well being and success,” junior Lainey Cote said.  

“It’s really given me a new perspective on how I can prioritize and achieve my personal goals.”

Today, manifestation is a popular phenomenon, with the idea being promoted on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.  

Many people claim the Law of Attraction has helped them manifest love, improved health, prosperity, and success.  

Fantastical magic doesn’t exist in the real world, but the magic of the Law of Attraction certainly can (and it isn’t limited to three wishes).