PVHS Teacher Wins Seat on City Council

Turner Helton, Reporter

“It’s a beautiful place to live. It’s a beautiful place to raise kids and I don’t want to see it change.”

That’s what Spanish teacher, Barbara Ferraro, said when asked about what made her run for city council. 

Ferraro has always had a fun and joyful classroom according to sophomore Jake Koyama.

“Since she’s joined city council, she has become way more happy, she’s brought a positive attitude to class, and made the classroom a better environment,” Koyama said. 

The concern of Ferraro having to miss school time because of city council was a worrying rumor for her students, but the speculation was shot down. 

“There may be a government lesson here or there but other than that, they still got me for Spanish,” Ferraro said. 

This news didn’t completely resolve the worries of students in her classroom. 

“I think she’ll have a little more stress now that she has won the election for city council and will have more work,” junior Owen Ladinig said.

But Ferraro answered these concerns saying “Out of the five men on city council, all are still working full time, so why can’t I?”

One reason why people think she’ll be good for the city is because she is familiar with the council and how it works. Fifteen years ago she was where she is now but she says it’s not how it used to be. 

“It’s a different place. I don’t think people are as kind as they used to. Everything has sped up, and we have a lot of people coming in from the outside and a lot of people leaving. The world is always changing and so is the community,” Ferraro said. 

The world is changing, but city council must keep up with these changes. 

Ferraro thinks we should expect some changes pretty soon, including to slow down landslides and updates for City Hall.

“The biggest problems are probably the landslides and any repairs that we can do to slow down the progress of the landslide and the other is City Hall. The federal government has released the land to the city now and they do need some upgrades so we’ll see what happens with that property,” Ferraro said. 

Although many people are happy that Mrs Ferraro won the election, everyone is happy to keep their Spanish teacher.