The Search for Sweets Stops Here

Phoebe Lai, Editor-In-Chief

Living at least 30 minutes from urban eats can make it hard for PV kids to scout new places to eat. For students who want to explore beyond PV’s dessert sites, here is a list of the best sweet shops from Torrance to Los Angeles, rated on a scale from one trident (pretty bad) to ten tridents (amazing).


Halo Top Scoop Shop 8/10

Location: The Grove in Los Angeles

Commonly seen in pre-packaged, in-store pints, Halo Top offers a wide range of outlandish ice cream flavors, such as caramel macchiato and red velvet, at a lower calorie range. Certain flavors are friendly to vegan and dairy-free communities as well.


Diddy Riese 9/10

Location: Westwood Village in Los Angeles

Diddy Riese may be an hour’s drive away, but it is a fundamental tradition for the neighboring UCLA students. Serving ice cream sandwiched between two cookies of your choice, Diddy Riese desserts are a classic. Considering each cookie is priced at only 50 cents and a dozen is $5.00, the drive is definitely worth these warm baked goods.


Cha Cha Matcha 7.5/10

Location: Beverly Hills

While Cha Cha is a little on the pricey side, it is definitely the place to stop by. Its drinks are composed of unconventional ingredients, ranging from blue algae to tumeric. “The Blue Drink” is a staple, boasting a pastel blue-purple color and a fresh orchid flower as decor. Their picturesque setting is a bonus for the getting that perfect Instagram photo.


Yami Teahouse 8.5/10

Location: Torrance

Yami has a knack for delivering quality tea and providing numerous topping choices. They balance the perfect level of sweetness and bitterness of the tea, and if you choose to stop by, make sure to order fruit flavored green tea with a side of their renowned popcorn chicken.