Meet Palos Verdes’ Next Top Models

Lauren Jai, Features Editor

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(Photo courtesy of Ella Polischeck)

Ella Polischeck (12)

When Ella Polischeck was a baby, her mom had submitted photos of her to a modeling agency who decided to represent her.

At the age of three, Polischeck began auditioning in a modeling agency.

From there on, she began to model for a magazine called Garnet Hill, then other companies such as Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Target, Kenneth Cole, Cotton, JCPenney, and Johnson and Johnson, Roxy, California Costumes, and Payless. She also auditioned for commercials, such as for David’s Bridal. At the age of 12, Polischeck began auditioning for short films, such as Scary Ride and The Tunnel and Sleep No More.

“From doing modeling at a young age, I was used to being in front of the camera, and I knew from my theater classes that I loved to act, but I was drawn to on-screen acting,” she said.

“It’s a strong passion of mine. They both have been constant throughout my life and when you act, you get to be a completely different person. For modeling, when you are in front of the camera, the outside world fades away,” she said.

Polischeck hopes to continue growing as an actress and hopes to star in a television series or a movie.

(Photo courtesy of Bliss Vetterlein)

Bliss Vetterlein (12)

Bliss Vetterlein is a brand ambassador and Instagram influencer who promotes certain products, primarily health companies, through Instagram.

Being a vegan athlete, triathlete, and competitive swimmer, she oftentimes posts photos of her healthy lifestyle.

As a result, different companies direct message her through Instagram, asking her if she will try those company products in return for a shoutout on social media.

Or, some companies will comment on her photos, asking her if she would like to collaborate with them.

According to Vetterlein, she really enjoys doing this because not only does she get free items, but she helps the brands out.

The main brand in which Vetterlein is involved is Gomacro, a vegan, gluten-free protein bar.

She has also collaborated with Waikea water (a Hawaiian water company), Brew Dr. Kombucha, and Shop-sur-Lacote.

She is continuing to work with more companies/brands, and she hopes to continue being a health and clothing influencer.  

Vetterlein’s job as an influencer has been very convenient, especially in accordance with her school work, as she has been able to work through her phone.

(Photo courtesy of Daisy Stoneman)

Daisy Stoneman (11)

Daisy Stoneman has been modeling and acting since the age of six.

She has been in commercials, TV shows, advertisements, and movies.

She models for photographers, ads, and clothing brands in Los Angeles and other areas. Ever since she was little, she enjoyed acting and putting on shows, which led to her interest in modeling, acting, and fashion.

Some models Stoneman has always looked up to include Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, and Elsa Hoskwhen.

“Modeling is a way for me to express myself and what I love in a different way than I would say other people would. I’ve always wanted to make a difference and impact someone or something and I felt like this was my chance,” she said.

Stoneman enjoys being able to play and become multiple different characters while staying true to herself.

“I love making people laugh and feel special and through my modeling and acting I am doing so,” she said.

Stoneman hopes to pursue one or even both of her careers.

“I do hope to accomplish becoming a Victoria Secret model, a fashion designer, or getting a big part in a movie,” Stoneman said.

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