Photographer Travels Across the Globe

(Photo courtesy of Caroline Turnbull)

(Photo courtesy of Caroline Turnbull)

(Photo courtesy of Caroline Turnbull)

Lauren Jai, Features Editor

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This summer, PVHS Senior Caroline Turnbull attended the National Geographic Student Expeditions Camp in Australia from the end of June to mid-July for 20 days.

When she heard about this camp from her friend, she was immediately interested.

“I thought Australia always interested me and the landscape is really pretty. [When] you combine that with photography and [being] run by National Geographic (NG), that name kind of spoke to me. Also, they had NG photographers teaching you photography,” she said.

In Australia, they first arrived in Sydney and stayed for a few days. Then, they took a trip to the Outback, Dane Tree Rainforest, Cairns, the desert, ocean, and the Great Barrier Reef. There, they were given a few little assignments, but other than that, mostly they would explore the unique landscapes of Australia, as well as visit museums and explore different cultural activities.

As someone who is passionate about photography, she really enjoyed having a camera in hand to shoot anything that she could see.

“My favorite part of the trip was just always shooting and always going somewhere new to shoot,” she said. “[I liked] always having my camera in my hand just because if I could here, I would always have my camera in my hand,” she said.

During this camp, the agenda for the day differed depended on where they traveled to. Her favorite thing to photograph was different skies of the Outback, especially the sunrise and sunset of the Milky Way. In Australia, she and members of the camp stayed in a lot of hostels and sometimes in swags, which is a portable sleeping unit, similar to a tent and a sleeping bag rolled into one.

Turnbull learned about journalistic photography, travel photography, and incorporating different photographic techniques.

“I learned lot about photography and through the other photographers who were students there,” said Turnbull. However, the best thing she learned from the National Geographic photographs was that “the best shots are achieved outside your comfort zone.”

Turnbull aspires to have a career in photography by working for Condé Nast magazine.

“My dream career would be shooting for a Condé Nast Editorial. I want to shoot for Conde Nast, specifically Vogue fashion editorials or travel photography because of the the creativity, reputation, and wide audience it reaches who appreciate the artistry of it.”

(Photo courtesy of Caroline Turnbull)


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Photographer Travels Across the Globe