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Hulu Drops Prices Just as Netflix Raises Theirs

Heather Bryant, Writer February 21, 2019

Much to the surprise and dismay of its’ 58 million US subscribers, the streaming giant Netflix has announced that they are raising the prices by 13-18% across all of its’ US plans. This price increase...

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Simple Test Detects Alzheimer’s 16 Years in Advance

Chloe Slome, Writer February 21, 2019

With more than three million cases a year in the United States, Alzheimer’s disease to this day has no cure; however, a new study found that a simple blood test can determine if a patient will develop...

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UTLA Pickets for Progress

Sarah Liu February 21, 2019

For students, parents, and employees of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the United Teachers Los Angeles union strike took lessons outside of the classroom and into the streets of Southern California...

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Lincoln Memorial Incident Sparks Social Media Controversy

Phoebe Lai, Editor-In-Chief February 21, 2019

The infamous standoff that occured on January 18 between three groups representative of clashing principles has fostered a controversy that has countless Americans debating their own thoughts about the...

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Tradewinds Hosts a Night to Remember

Jamie Doo, Editor-In-Chief February 21, 2019

Tradewinds is the Literary Publication class at PV High, taught by English teacher Susan Pavelka. With an expressed interest in literary and artistic writing, Tradewinds held a Slam Poetry Night in the...

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Preparing for Project Runway

Camilla Manis, Writer February 21, 2019

For the past 12 years, PV High has held a grand fashion show through Project Runway, one of the largest student-run clubs on campus. Although the founders of this club originally raised money for the Panama...

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Government Shutdown Makes Waves

Kyle Ahn, Writer February 21, 2019

From December 21 to January 25, the federal government was partially shut down due to President Donald Trump’s refusal to pass a federal spending bill that did not include $5.6 billion of federal funding...

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Students March for Women in Politics

Chloe Lendi, Writer February 21, 2019

As 2020 approaches, so does the next presidential election. More women are beginning to raise their voices and starting to run for office. With 125 women being elected during the 2018 midterms...

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A Formal to Remember (If You Actually Made It)

Gabby Rudy, Writer February 21, 2019

The pressure was heightened for Sea King ladies this past month as ASB declared our winter formal as “Sadie’s,” meaning the girls had to ask their favorite guy to be their date, as opposed to the...

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PV Student Helps Save Animals During Fires

Chloe Slome, Writer December 21, 2018

With the Camp Fire in the North and the Woolsey Fire in the South, California this November was in a state of heat. Both fires, starting on November 8, confronted the firefighters with a difficult...

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Teachers Sink or Swim in Boat Races

Natasha Stein, Writer December 21, 2018

As the finish line for 2018 gets closer and closer, the students and staff in Marine Biology at Palos Verdes High School paddle to the finish line of the pool. An anticipated tradition, the Marine...

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Keeping Up With the College App Season

Camilla Manis, Writer December 21, 2018

With the college application period coming to an end, seniors begin to reflect on what was most beneficial for them throughout the entire course. When beginning the application process senior year,...

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