The _____ Investigation

Nikolas Tempereau, Opinion Editor

The Mueller investigation, or Mueller probe, is known as U.S government efforts to investigate the possible interference of the 2016 U.S election by the Russian government. 

The investigation included looking into possible cooperation between the Trump campaign and the administration.  

As the investigation concluded in March 2019, 34 individuals have received indictments for federal crimes.

The investigation now proceeds on investigating whether or not Trump is to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. 

Junior Lucy Pluimer found the investigation to be invasive and create more problems than resolve them. As the investigation persists, Pluimer describes how people are becoming more ingrained in their side of the political spectrum. 

“Like it or not, he is the president of America and I think having a mentality of trying to impeach the president or get rid of the president of your country is just being divisive. We are not being productive because we are lacking the unity we had in the past,” Pluimer said. “And now because we are so divided, half the country does not support the commander in chief.  We are losing sight of what America is.”

Junior Izzie Lanes describes her concern of what this investigation will provoke on a larger scale.

“I, personally, am not a fan of the Trump presidency, but I am also glad that Trump did not collude with a foreign entity. The thing that is worrisome to me is the issue of the obstruction of justice because that is also a threat to our national security,” Lanes said. “But because they cannot quite determine whether or not Trump did obstruct justice, the Mueller investigation is just going to further divide people. I think that people are looking for something that fits their narrative.”