Students Give Their Opinion on Popular Scary Movies


(Graphic by Kelly Donahue)

A Quiet Place

“I think any John Krasinski movie is really well made and I love Emily Blunt. I think it’s different from your normal scary movie because you really have to pay attention and it really sucks you into the movie since it’s quiet the whole time.”

Ranking: 5/5 

Grace Gulcher (12)


“I encourage everyone to watch Midsommar because it really tells us a lot about society and it’s a very well done film. My favorite part was the ending, I didn’t see it coming.” 

Ranking: 4.5/5 

Cherise Stoll (12) 

The Conjuring 

“The conjuring was the first horror movie I ever watched. It’s an iconic movie that everyone should know about, it’s such a classic. I feel like if you’re trying to venture into the world of scary movies it’s a good first one because it has the elements of a scary movie with the jump scares and the plots you don’t expect. 

“My favorite thing about the movie is I feel like it’s the first movie to really capture demonic possession in a way that will intrigue you and not in a cheesy, overdone way.”

Ranking:  5/5

Vali Gardner (12)