The War on Cable

Nikolas Tempereau, Opinion Editor

Cable is dying. By cable, I mean the large television providers; most notably DirecTV, Cox, Dish are losing subscribers in the thousands. This is directly due to new competition as new streaming services have become dominant factors in people canceling cable. Some of the most well known streaming services, Netflix and Hulu, preach cheaper costs and no long-term contracts.

However, streaming services lacked the one advantage cable had: live sports. That was until streaming services launched their own live sports packages such as YouTube TV and Hulu Live. Now streaming services have live sports and another advantage: the ability watch anywhere on any device.  

But with this acquisition came direct retaliation from DirecTV who announced a merger with network giant AT&T offering data-free watching DirecTV with the phone service and TV bundle.

This was years ago. The most recent mergers and acquisitions that were eye-catching were Disney buying Hulu and 20th Century Fox.

Disney bought Hulu to combat Netflix; Netflix is a unique streaming service because it creates its own content and keeps it exclusive to its subscribers. Disney needs a way to display their content and with Netflix making so much of their own shows they are buying less and less Disney shows.

Thus, Disney made a offer to acquire Hulu to display content and 20th Century Fox to make even more of their own content.

There is a content battle happening as streaming services battle to make themselves more desirable to consumers over their competitors.

Left in the middle is DirecTV who makes the ability and more or less the funds to create their own content and must rely on networks to provide.

With such hefty profits lying in the streaming realm, I believe that more networks will branch away from cable to create their own streaming services or merge with others.

In the end,I believe Disney and their subsidiary Hulu will begin to dominate space over the now reigning champion Netflix.

Hulu offers live sports (with a certain package) and is cheaper.

Netflix, in recent weeks, raised their prices while Hulu lowered theirs. While Netflix controls such popular series and movies such as “Stranger Things” and “Black Mirror,” I don’t think that they will be able to match the amount of content and quality that the long established film and television producer, Disney, has been doing for decades.

Netflix can’t create the recognition and nostalgia attached to Disney created brands such as Cinderella, Toy Story, Frozen etc.

Especially now that Disney’s been gearing up with the purchase of 20th Century Fox and Hulu they will be a force to be reckoned with and even if Disney doesn’t come out on top there is one thing that is certain: television and movies will never be the same.