The Hated Species: Peacocks

Emily Typrowicz, Assistant Sports Editor

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Peacocks are a well known species in Palos Verdes. They roam through streets and canyons and look beautiful. Some people think they are gorgeous and love them while others don’t. These beautiful animals can add color to Palos Verdes. Although they make scenes in nature “picture perfect” they are aggravating. 

Peacocks are annoying and peck at people’s cars.Peacocks are known for pooping on cars and driveways. The animal not only poops they sit and squeal on roofs, making a loud noise in a home. Hearing their tiny footsteps above while doing homework is not ideal. It can be even harder to concentrate.

When they see themselves in the reflection of a black car they start to peck. The pecking leaves dents and scratches on shiny cars, which can lead car owners to get angry and have to deal with little dents on the car.

Early morning squacks are something that many Palos Verdes residence do not appreciate. Peacocks squeal in the early hours waking people up. Little sleep causes students and adults to not be well rested for the day ahead. 

(Illustration by Jamie Doo)

Driving home from a hard day, someone may come across a peacock standing in the middle of the street. The driver waits for it to pass and it does move. They beep and it rarely moves. Their bad day just got worse because a peacock was in their way. Peacocks don’t move out of a driver’s way and can cause people to be late to events. 

  Not many people have heard of peacocks attacking people, but it has happened. Little kids are targets of these attacks. They find interest in the colorful bird and find themselves being attacked two seconds later. They don’t only attack people they also attack animals. Innocent animals that share the same land as them get attacked.

 Peacocks are known as a very invasive species. 

Once they find a place to live they are there forever. They trespass the homes of the residents of Palos Verdes.  There is no way of getting rid of the species so we have to embrace them no matter how much they are disliked. 

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